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Janine van Tonder

Janine van Tonder

Introducing Your Marketing Administrator


I make sure that our office branding, as well as our social media platforms, are top-notch!


I love being different in life. This benefits me, the reason why is that it is expected of me to be different at my daily job as well.

I am hardworking and I will go the extra mile to make sure that my creativity will be shared with the Harcourts Real Estate World! 


I believe that there is a time for everything! right now the time is to take off the gloves and work, work, work! 

I love working with Harcourts Midrand and Harcourts Leonardo I never knew that I can have something this great for me and also to go up in the world with this! Well, now you can call me Janine the Harcourts Midrand and Harcourts Leonardo Marketing Administrator Marketing Queen!!!