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Who are We?

We are Harcourts!

We’re a highly successful multi-national real estate company; we have the global, national, and local connections for managing and leasing real estate. That’s the combined resources of thousands of consultants across nine countries. Then there’s the advanced systems and training. So our people can recognize every opportunity for their clients – and step up and grab it.

But there’s something else that’s been far more important for our success. It’s you.

Where do you want to be? And what do you need from us to get there? As every potential client who reads this document will discover – it’s our commitment to your results that delivers success to our company. So we won’t randomly prescribe rental levels, marketing plans and leasing techniques. We’ll work with you to find out what you want to accomplish.

Then we’ll work our hardest to get there. Harcourts Offices: Australia - China - Fiji - Indonesia - New Zealand - Singapore - South Africa - Zambia - USA

What We do?

We assist you in optimizing your income potential through strategic management.

This simple statement covers an often challenging and complicated process. Of course the care of your property and optimizing your return is what’s important - and Harcourts utilizes some unique strengths to accomplish this.

We ensure our people consistently operate above and beyond our competitors. It’s a precise service-based mind-set that only the best property management practitioners can deliver consistently.

We use sophisticated systems and technology to make certain your property can gain massive exposure. Our comprehensive databases enable us to match tenants with properties.

We connect with your audience of potential tenants. In our media-saturated society the average consumer is bombarded with hundreds of advertising messages every day. Your investment property needs to stand out. Harcourts have redefined the role of property management within the real estate office - from a back office activity to an expert streamlined, systemized, customer focused machine that today’s market requires.

Before this machine is activated, we determine achievable rent, and specifically tailor marketing and leasing techniques. No two properties are the same - so each marketing and leasing proposal must be considered individually. We then move seamlessly into the ongoing care and management of your investment asset.

Local Activity: Our Market a clear understanding of the local market is crucial.

We can make the best decisions on the leasing of your property by possessing the most comprehensive information possible.

While we have access to the very latest market statistics, these alone do not provide the necessary vision. A more important benefit is the ability to translate these statistics into a clear, accurate reading for an individual property.

Checking recent market movements in the area is also imperative. This information can then be used to draw a conclusion on the property’s potential and uncover opportunities for marketing and customer targeting.

Understanding historical patterns, gauging both external and internal market dynamics and assessing the current competition for any property is vital. With knowledge - clear, decisive action can be taken.

Pricing Your Property

How do you achieve the best balance?

It’s a big question. Too low and you miss out on the best return. Too high and you miss out on valuable income. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to lessen this risk.

Realistically priced properties generate more enquiries. This means higher levels of interest, increased tenancy applications and a far greater chance of securing the perfect tenant and property match.

The time spent researching market condition is invaluable here. It also helps to avoid putting any barriers in the way of potential tenants. One such barrier may be price – as many potential tenants disregard properties based on price alone.

You may be promised an unrealistically high rental return from some competitor companies. These promises can result in the property staying on the market vacant for extended periods of time costing you valuable income.

Remember, at around R1000 per week rent, a R100 difference could take you 10 weeks to recover the cost of a week’s vacancy.

Setting a realistic rental level is crucial, and this will need to be determined in conjunction with your RentalsDotcom Property Manager.

Marketing: Innovation

Innovative marketing delivers motivated tenants.

Your property must stand out from the “grey blur” of available properties to be found in the “To Let” pages. With the amount of advertising and competing properties, the potential tenant is often overwhelmed with different messages each day. They only will pay attention to advertising that speaks to them and addresses their needs.

We work with you to carefully develop both the content and placement of your marketing – so tenants are attracted to and engaged by your property.

Research shows tenants have highest interest during the first week that your property is being marketed. Any efficient marketing plan will recognize this trend and be structured accordingly. We mix traditional advertising with more innovative techniques. This ensures both local connections and national enquirers see your property.

Multi enquiry for your property is always preferable to a single application, so casting your net wide is essential. In order to accomplish this we use a huge range of tools as part of our comprehensive plan.

That’s how we’ll give your property the highest possible profile –obtaining an optimized return and the best property and tenant match.

Some of the tools we use include:

•Newspaper and property features

•Website property listings

•Targeted mailings

•Virtual and video tours

•Office window cards

•Existing client database

•Professional photography


•Open homes and property previews

•Email & sms

•Vacancy lists

Marketing: Online

The importance of the internet.

In today’s fast-moving society technology is vital for delivering information quickly and efficiently. Maximizing your property’s exposure online is a prime objective for our marketing plans.

We also use technology such as Personal Notifier, to effectively match tenants and properties. The fast and reliable system lets tenants receive automated, updated new listings according to set criteria they have previously established.

This means your property details are just a click of a button away from reaching a huge database.

Included among the online marketing options are:•

 Harcourts websites: standard listing and feature property listing

•National and international real estate websites

•Google Mapping

•Virtual Tours

•Professional Photography

Marketing: Print

Paper-powered letting.

Traditional print marketing is a vital part of any marketing campaign. With carefully selected and targeted media, we will launch your property to the market in an efficient, cost effective method.

A good reason to invest in print marketing is the longevity of the message in the market place. It’s a form of media that often sits around the home or office with added research and repeat viewings of your property from the potential tenant.

Included among the print marketing options are:

•Print Media

•Newspapers & Property Features

•Community & Local Newspapers

•For rent brochures

•For rent window cards

•Targeted Mailing

•Vacancy Lists

Marketing: Visual

It’s important to show your best side.

Highlighting the positive aspects of your property across a range of media is important. As tenants generally refer to many different media types when researching potential options, our marketing plan will make use of other avenues to highlight print and internet advertising.

We analyze the strengths of each media placement as well. For example, an obvious choice for marketing your property would be property signage – at Harcourts we can place a For Lease sign on your property similar to a sales sign board, or maybe just property for lease core flute directing all enquiries back to our offices.

No matter where the potential tenant views your property, we will make sure it looks its best. Included amongst the visual market options are:

•Property Signage

•Window Cards

•Professional Photography

•Virtual Tour

•Video Tour

•Open Homes

Marketing: Our Contacts

We’ve got the contacts that count.

Making certain your property is seen by one and all is a key strength of Harcourts. We accomplish this with a referral network that’s second to none.

With over 650 offices internationally we have a multitude of Property Managers who are capable of accessing your property details to send qualified prospective tenants. The Harcourts One system allows this process to happen immediately, so your property is quickly seen by a huge number of people around the globe.

Marketing: Going Global

International options.

How do you ensure your property is getting the maximum benefit from international exposure?

Harcourts is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the WorldTM network. This is the world’s largest such network, with over 170,000 sales people in 39 countries having access to your property details.

The network covers the following countries:

The network also has the flagship Luxury Portfolio website, which is at the very peak for selling $1 million- plus property. For marketing elite property internationally, there is no better.











Costa Rica













New Zealand



Puerto Rico





South Africa



Turks & Caicos

United Arab Emirates

United States

Virgin Islands

More Care.

We’ve got the training that counts.

Your RentalsDotcom Property Manager is part of a worldwide team, where continuous professional development is a constant. Our Harcourts Academy researches and provides expert training and coaching. This ensures our people remain at the forefront of Legislative changes. You can be confident your RentalsDotcom Property Manager has the tools and capacity to provide the next generation of property management services.

More Systems.

We’ve got the systems that count.

Streamlined systems ensure the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed! We have the training, the checklists, the technology and the people to make certain we can deliver on our promise to care for your investment.

In the care of your major asset, things may sometimes veer off track. Our people promote the value of effective communication. We urge you to contact us should you have any concerns or constructive comments which may assist us in continuously improving our levels of customer delight.

More Choices.

More options equal greater flexibility.

Harcourts offers a range of extra services and trusted partners to help you maintain and optimize your investment potential.

Harcourts constantly research and implement business partners to add to our suite of products and services which offer the most value to our client.

We can help with options to expand your investment portfolio through an independent mortgage brokering company with over 30 on their panel of lenders and strive to always create the best possible options for our clients.

Risk Management strategies are top of mind and we offer perhaps the most comprehensive insurance protection policies for landlords only available for properties that are under professional management.

The ongoing management of your investment is supported by the latest in technology which provides the back bone for our property management departments. The most up to date software systems ensure your communications, revenue streams, repairs and maintenance and tracked and monitored with peak efficiency.

We are proud of the relationship that we have with our partners as they offer exceptional value to our clients.

We’re about more than just property.

At Harcourts we pride ourselves on giving back to the communities we work in. Our mindset of corporate social responsibility dictates that we owe it to ourselves to help grow and enrich society.

Since 1888 Harcourts has forged a history of charitable work. The company’s considerable networking ability; combined with the individual determination of our people, means we have been highly effective in supporting a range of charities through the Harcourts Foundation.

Supported on an individual, office and company level, it’s an incredible way to help enrich and grow the communities in which we live.


The Next Step.

We are here to help

Renting and managing property is often a stressful time. That’s why we pride ourselves on clear communication from the outset. We make sure we work with you – so you’re always in control from the initial leasing process and throughout the ongoing care and management programme. So if you have any questions at any stage, please don’t hesitate to ask.


if you are comparing agencies based on fees alone, ask your preferred agencies for a complete list of what they’ll do for you in the process of managing your investment. Any extra’s may vary greatly and be costly in the long term.

Authorizing a managing agent

Once you’ve decided to place your property under management, we will need to complete the Management Agreement. The Management Agreement is the authority required for us to care for your investment. It clearly defines the obligations of all parties, the terms and conditions of management and the structure of management for the term outlined in the agreement.

Marketing Plan

Our objective for your property is simple – gain the highest possible profile and exposure across the widest possible target audience. To achieve this, in consultation with you we will prepare a customized marketing calendar to showcase your property effectively.

We set the standard

Our people are world renowned for their abilities. We pride ourselves on this reputation. It’s what focuses us each day and pushes us towards even greater achievements in real estate.

That’s the Harcourts strength.

- We’re ready when you are.